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Does It Really Do That? Pocket Hose

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- We've enjoyed some warmer weather recently, and all the garden stores and greenhouses are filling up with plants.

Many people have been itching to get out in the garden. Whether you're watering new flowers, your lawn, or washing your car -- a product called the Pocket Hose promises to make the job a lot easier.

KDKA-TV Morning News Anchor and Reporter Jennifer Antkowiak put it to the test to find out, does it really do that?

Jen said she's received many emails from viewers wanting to see this in action, wondering if the pocket hose is as durable and powerful as the energetic infomercial shows it to be.

Post-Gazette Garden Columnist Doug Oster, and his friend, Nursery Manager Diana Knapp were eager to find out, too. They worked with Antkowiak to put the Pocket Hose through its paces.

Oster has been struggling with his traditional rubber hose. It's heavy, not very flexible and tends to kink up quite a bit as he's trying to water the plants in his yard. It's frustrating.

"I hate my hose," Oster said. "I've gotta drag it all the way out there. It's a pain."

Knapp uses hoses every day at the nursery where she works, and she's also fed up with dragging around a heavy traditional rubber hose. But, both have a hard time believing a little hose like the Pocket Hose will be durable to get the job done.

All three get right to it, noticing big, bold letters on the wrapper alerting people to make sure to read the instructions before use.

The instructions are straightforward and simple: identify the inlet and outlet of the Pocket Hose. The outlet is the end with the on and off lever attached. Set lever to "OFF." You can attach a spray nozzle to the outlet at this point if you'd like, which Dough did.

Next, attach the inlet to the water supply of your home, turn it on, and let it expand. To start the flow, turn the lever to "ON."

Would it work as magically as it seemed to on TV?

Yes! Just like on the commercial, the Pocket Hose continues to grow and grow and without kinking. That had Oster pretty impressed.

"See, right off the bat I thought that it was gonna kink," he said.

Even when he tried to kink it, it wouldn't tangle up.

As it expanded, and as we moved the Pocket Hose through the yard, no kinking.

Oster and Knapp were also impressed with the power of the spray, and yet how light the Pocket Hose is.

"Man, it's easy," Oster said.

Knapp also liked that you can adjust the spray with the hose nozzle, or with the lever, on the hose itself, giving you more control.

The two moved it all around the yard, easily, with no problems.

Then, they wanted to see if the Pocket Hose would shrink back down to size as easily as shown on the infomercial. Oster turned the water off and, "Wow, that's pretty amazing. Yes, that's pretty cool," they said.

The Pocket Hose went all the way back down to the size where it started, quickly and easily.

Oster wasn't done yet though. For good measure, he stretched the hose, even stepped on it, pushing it into his stone patio.

Both said it felt sturdy like a fire hose.

So, the Pocket Hose, which promises to be a durable, flexible, lightweight, easy way to water your garden and more -- does it really do that?

Oster and Knapp both gave it a big thumbs up.

"I love it," they said. "I would love to have one. Me too, hint, hint."

The Pocket Hose is available in stores for $19.99. It's advertised for $12.99 on the commercial, but you have to pay shipping and handling and wait for delivery. The Pocket Hose comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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