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City Of Pittsburgh Announces Road Closures For President Trump's Visit On Wednesday

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- This is not Pittsburgh's first rodeo when it comes to a presidential visit.

In fact, this is a bit of déjà vu since then-candidate Donald Trump came to the same convention in 2016.

Many of the same protestors have already notified the city they'll be back and the folks at public safety are hoping, "If at all possible have employees work from home or possibly have those employees leave early," says Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich.

Hissirch also asked schools to dismiss early but the school district went one step further and is closing 12 schools where students must travel through the downtown core.

10th Street under the convention center will close at midnight Tuesday, with pedestrian traffic being restricted at 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning and the major closing coming at 9:00 a.m.

Commander Eric Holmes says that includes, "The 10th Street Bypass all the way along and wrapping around the convention center to Smallman Street."

That means all traffic that normally comes off the Fort Pitt or Fort Duquesne Bridges and uses the bypass to get to the Strip District and points east will be detoured onto Ft. Duquesne Blvd.

Cmdr. Holmes says they'll have police working the intersections but, "There is only so much asphalt so there's going to be some backups."

If you are going to be working, or live in the area along Ft Duquesne Blvd Holmes says, "This is a great day not to forget your ID both your ID plus your work ID."

While President Trump speaks inside the convention center protestors will be outside and given some latitude by police.

But only to a point.

Hissrich says that point being the blocking of traffic, "There's not going to be any long term blockage."

Commander Ed Trapp reinforced that point, "That's our concern you jam up those roads people can't get anywhere emergency vehicles can't get anywhere."

The President will arrive around 2:30 and depart in the heart of the rush hour around 5:00.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert says, "I can just tell you this, the sooner we can get the president out of town the faster it will be for other people to get out as well."



  • 10th Street, closed in both directions
Photo Credit: City of Pittsburgh


  • 10th Street from Fort Duquesne Boulevard to French Street, closed in both directions to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • No pedestrian traffic on Fort Duquesne Boulevard from Garrison Place to 11th Street
  • No pedestrian traffic from 11th Street from Fort Duquesne Boulevard to Smallman Street
    Photo Credit: City of Pittsburgh


  • 10th Street Bypass from Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne Bridge Ramps To Fort Duquesne Boulevard
  • Fort Duquesne Boulevard from 10th Street Bypass to 11th Street
  • 11th Street from Fort Duquesne Boulevard to Smallman Street
  • 10th Street from Fort Duquesne Boulevard to French Street
  • Fort Duquesne Boulevard from Rachel Carson Bridge to 10th Street Bypass
  • Secondary street closures around the Convention Center will also be in place
Photo Credit: City of Pittsburgh
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