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NASA Brings 'Destination Station' Exhibit To Carnegie Science Center

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - NASA has landed in Pittsburgh this week with a special exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center.

It is called "Destination Station" and it is a way for kids and adults to learn about life and research done on the International Space Station.

Going to space is hard work and astronaut Mike Fincke knows all about that. He's spent more than a year of his life in space.

Mike Fincke
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"We have a lot of folks from Pittsburgh who have flown in space. We have some new guys that have local ties and I bet you there are more astronauts out there in the audience," Fincke said.

The Emsworth native is back in his hometown trying to drum up business for the International Space Station.

"After a stop at the Children's Hospital, we are going to spend all day at Pitt and talk with some of the researchers from all over town -- especially the Oakland area where it is all concentrated -- and we will show them what we do and what we can do and answer some of their questions," Fincke said.

A traveling exhibit will be at the Carnegie Science Center this week. NASA's deputy chief science officer says it is wonderful opportunity to talk about the possibilities.

"Space Station is a national lab -- so that means it is open for business, not just for NASA scientists and researchers, but for everybody. So, anyone in the U.S. can apply to fly their experiments on Space Station," Jennifer Buchli said.

Buchli has a background in biology and experiments with plants have long been part of the research done on the International Space Station.

"Maximize the science that we get out of Space Station, so I am here to serve the research community, make sure we have the right facilities to enable them to do the best science that we can," Buchli said.


Fincke has shown his love for the Carnegie Science Center while working in space. He knows he owes a lot to his hometown of Pittsburgh.

"We have science centers, we have museums. We have art. We have culture, and there are so many places in such a small area and such a good concentration. So all the kids out there, study really hard -- and the more things you know the more opportunity you have," Fincke said.

Buchli and Fincke hope pieces of Pittsburgh will be going to space for future research.

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