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Campaign 2020: Former Politicians Preview Upcoming Democratic Debate

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn and former state governor Tom Corbett talked to KDKA's Stacy Smith about the upcoming Democratic debate.

Burn talked about how the Democratic candidates have strayed away from talking about impeachment. But he believes it will be talked about at some point.

"The parties are polarized. Most Democrats want to see this, Republicans do not," Burn said.

"Both parties look for red meat," Burn added.

With Pete Buttigieg surging in some polls, that could help his campaign down the road.

"Winning primaries gets you more money," Corbett said. "That is number one.

Burn and Corbett also talked about the lack of diversity in the Democratic candidates.

"There is a lack of diversity on the stage. ... I think you are going to see some issues," Corbett said.

The panel also discussed candidates Michael Bloomberg's strategy of focusing his money and time on the Super Tuesday states.

"You can't just come in at the 11th hour and drop what he is dropping financially and expect that to catch up on the hard work the other candidates have done," Burn said.

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