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Bogus Utility Co. Employees Dupe Woman Out Of $3K

GREEN TREE (KDKA) -- Officials are warning the public, after thieves stole $3,000 worth of cash and jewelry out of a local woman's home.

The 93-year-old woman lives alone in Green Tree on a normally quiet street.

Her daughter says her mother came home the other day and that two men in a white pick up pulled up behind her, claiming to be from the power company.

She says the men told her mother that they wanted to see her backyard because they needed to install some wires there.

While her mom went into the backyard with one of the men, the other went inside the home and went through drawers stealing cash and jewelry.

At one point they said they were authorized to give her $50, but said they needed change for a $100 bill.

When the woman went inside to look for change, both men went into the house and apparently went through rooms, according to the victim's daughter.

It wasn't until the men left that the woman realized her money and jewelry was missing.

A spokesperson from Duquesne Light says customers should look for a logo on their trucks.

Additionally, you should always ask to see an employee's badge.

If you think you're being duped, you're urged to call Duquesne Light, or even police, to check on anyone claiming to be from a utility company.

Duquesne Light also says it rarely send crews to someone's home without notifying them first.

The victim's daughter says she's glad her mother wasn't physically harmed by the men. However, she says her mother, who just lost her husband a year-and-a-half ago, has now lost some of her trust in people.

"I feel sorry for my mother, because she came from a generation that believed in honesty and integrity," her daughter said.

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