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Bill Cowher: Antonio Brown's Locker Room Video Was 'Selfish And Disrespectful, To Say The Least'

Bryan Altman

The backlash and the distaste for wide receiver Antonio Brown's Facebook live video from the victorious Pittsburgh Steelers locker on Sunday night continues to pour in ahead of the team's AFC Championship showdown with the New England Patriots.

The latest to express his disdain for Brown's actions is one of the great coaches in both NFL and Steelers history, Bill Cowher, who called the star wide out's actions "selfish and disrespectful, to say the least" on a CBS Sports conference call in advance of the NFL's Championship Weekend.

"Well I think Mike (Tomlin) handled it very well," Cowher said in response to a question from Newsday's Neil Best. "Certainly I think it was selfish and disrespectful to say the least, what he did. Those are sacred times that you have in the locker room after games. That was a very emotional game, some things were said and done, and what you do as any coach or player that has played this game, you know that locker room after the game is a special place."

In addition to violating locker room protocol and sanctity, Brown also violated NFL's Social Media policy and could face a fine as a result, per ESPN's Adam Schefter.


Cowher continued by saying that he felt coach Tomlin handled the controversy well and that the Steelers have "moved on," but added that their rival in this marquee matchup might not be so quick to forget Brown's transgressions.

"I think it was dealt with appropriately," Cowher said. "And as I've heard from over there they've moved on from that right now. There's just the residual effects from that, it's created a little bit of animosity between the two teams even though not much was needed anyway. But, it certainly has added to the storyline of the week."

Add to the storyline it has. While the Patriots haven't taken the bait (shocking), Tomlin calling the Patriots "a**holes" was definitely not the type of bulletin board material the Steelers wanted to give New England with a Super Bowl berth on the line in Foxboro.

The Steelers and Patriots kick off what will certainly be one of the games of the year exclusively on CBS on Sunday at 6:40 p.m. ET live from Gillette Stadium.

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