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Humane Animal Rescue Caring For Majority Of Seized Exotic Pets

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Many of the exotic animals seized from a Beechview home are now being cared for at Humane Animal Rescue as authorities try to find them proper living arrangements.

Three Chinese water dragons are among the dozens of animals being housed at Humane Animal Rescue.

Dan Rossi, the shelter's executive director, showed KDKA all of the animals.

They are: Three alligators, two guinea pigs, six rabbits, one rattlesnake, five Yellow Belly Sliders (under 4 inches), four Quail, four Hairless Rats, one Granite Burmese Python, one Burmese Python, two Green Iguanas, three Chinese Water Dragons (one arrived deceased) and one Nile Monitor Lizard.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"This was extreme. Having this many exotic animals show up is something that really throws us off. Our policies and procedures and what we're doing here," said Rossi.

Animal Control seized 33 animals Tuesday from Mark McGowan's Beechview home.

"All the animals we have weren't properly cared for, or in the right living environment they needed," said Rossi.

McGowan gained attention when his five-foot gator, Chomp, escaped last week.

"I'm depressed. I'm really upset. It's like they came and took my kids for no reason," said Mark McGowan.

McGowan showed us the animals he does have left. Some tarantulas, toads and poisonous dart frogs.

"I'm gonna get my animals back. That's what I'm gonna do next," said McGowan.


However, Pittsburgh Police said he won't be able to since he voluntarily surrendered them.

"Chomp was here four days. He never called. Never came down to get him," said Rossi.

Rossi said he's used to seeing hoarding cases involving dogs and cats. However, now that the shelter is part of this case, the goal is to get the animals back in good health and to places they can be properly cared for.

"Each specific case we have to determine if can re-home them, go to a sanctuary or rescue that's out there," said Rossi.

The 33rd animal taken from the home was a rattlesnake and it is now at the Pittsburgh Zoo.


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