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Pittsburgh Residents Concerned About Bad Road Conditions In Their Neighborhood

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Residents in a Pittsburgh neighborhood are upset their streets are still covered with snow and ice after Thursday's snowfall.

Several of streets in the city's Overbrook neighborhood were packed with snow and icy on Friday night.

"It's already frozen, everything is iced up, neighbors are all complaining. They can't off this hill," resident Kathryn Sweeney said.

Sweeny is infuriated because Pinecastle Avenue is still in bad shape. She wants her street treated as soon as possible, and she hopes the road is treated more quickly next time it snows.

She wonders how she will safely get to her job as a UPMC nurse.

"Twenty-four hours later, not a drop of salt on this entire road going all the way down Pinecastle hill. I'm a nurse, I'm a first line defender, I have to be there no matter what. I find myself at the end of the hill literally doing the sign of the cross in the winter," Sweeney said.

Later on in the evening after interviewing Sweeney, our KDKA crew saw a Public Works crew putting salt on some parts of the street.

Sweeney said this area has been neglected for the past 20 years.

"This entire neighborhood isn't salted. I have family members that are up the road stranded that can't get up this hill, neighbors can't get up this hill, nurses, police, this has been going on forever," she said.

Neighbors want something to change before someone gets hurt.

"What am I supposed to expect when we get more than this and how I'm going to get to work and how I'm going to treat my patients? Somethings gotta give," said Sweeney.

Councilman Anthony Coghill told KDKA he's working with the new administration to buy more trucks and hire more plow truck drivers to better the snow removal efforts.


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