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Amorous Bull, Cow Halt Traffic At Intersection In Armstrong County

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The "Porkway Pig" is not the only animal bringing traffic to a halt this week along a local roadway.

State police in Kittanning say a bull and a cow forced them to shut down the intersection of Routes 28 and 85 in Rayburn Township, Armstrong County Friday morning.

"Obviously not something you see every day!" says Cpl. Christopher Robbins.

Early Friday morning, a lovelorn red bull and a hefty heifer threw caution to the wind, giving in to a romantic impulse at the busy intersection.

"They'll follow just about any heifer in heat," Chad Anderson said. He once worked on a dairy farm.

The couple had grazed their way more than two miles from Alvin Rosenberger's hilltop farm.

"Basically, they were having a lot of fun I guess," observes Cpl. Robbins with a wry smile.

Arriving State Police on the midnight shift initially tried corralling the star-crossed bovines to the berm with crime scene tape.

Rubberneckers snapping photos with cell phones combined with a nearby road construction site added up to a rush hour traffic mess.

"I seen the trooper and he didn't look like he was real great with cows," Anderson said.

He and his buddy, Brandon Kravener, were on their way to their roofers jobs.

"Trying to get the cows calmed down get them off the road," Anderson said.

They suggested that they get a room. Problem was, the 1,000-pound bull just wouldn't quit.

"In this case, we really had to grab the bull by the horns," adds Cpl. Robbins.

Using portable fencing and with help from the county EMA and the State Farm Bureau, the lovers were herded into the farmer's trailer for the ride home and there they were, hoping they won't be tagged with a moo-ving violation.

"Cows we can deal with – people – that's a good way to get arrested," Cpl. Robbins said.

We'll have to wait another 283 days to see if Romeo and Juliet will be bringing a brand new addition to Armstrong County.

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