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Allegheny Health Network Tops Off New Hospital In McCandless

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MCCANDLESS, Pa. (KDKA) -- On a windy day in McCandless after a number of officials signed a special beam, the Allegheny Health Network topped off -- or put in place -- that final beam for a new hospital off McKnight Road in the McCandless Crossing Shopping Center.

"With the opening of this site, you'll be able to get your care right closer to home in a much more cost-efficient and efficient setting," said Dr. Thomas Campbell, chair of AHN's emergency medicine department.

AHN is on a billion dollar building program throughout the region aimed at bringing hospital services to more people in their neighborhoods.

Although Allegheny Health Network does have those big giant hospitals in a number of locations, they really hope that the neighborhood hospital system is going to bring them more business and more customers in the future.

This four-story, 50,000-square-foot hospital in McCandless is one of four being built, including ones in Brentwood, Harmar, and Hempfield.

"What's the latest is bringing care to the community in a very cost-effective, incredibly high quality format that really emphasizes patient experience and makes sure that people can get care where they need it the most at the price point and as well as the level of quality they deserve," added David Hall, AHN's vice president of strategic partnerships.

AHN McCandless Hospital will feature a 24/7 emergency department, a 10-bed inpatient unit, a laboratory and diagnostic services, along with women's health services, including infertility treatment like in-vitro fertilization.

Not all the new AHN hospitals will be the same, but, says Dr. Campbell, they are "strategically placed around the area to keep people close to home to get the care they need when possible."

"And when they need something that's really quaternary care and high level, then they might have to come to the city. But if we can keep them close to where they live -- and close to their family and where they're comfortable -- that's our goal," Campbell said.

The McCandless hospital is expected to be open by the end of this year.

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