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Alleged Motorcycle Gang Leader To Stand Trial

NORVELT (KDKA) - The alleged national president of the Pagan Motorcycle gang will stand trial.

Dennis "Rooster" Katona was arrested a week ago during a raid on a home in Hempfield, Westmoreland County.

During today's preliminary hearing, Katona was held for court on all charges.

He talked to reporters about the raid on his way back to prison.

"I'd like to make a statement. Yes, once again, my rights [were] not read to me," Katona said. "Now it's been over a week now. No search warrant was given to me until eight hours later and this is unjust from Rule 108 of confinement."

According to police, they found cocaine and methamphetamine with a street value of about $20,000 inside the home.

"There was no violence. My granddaughter left. Then they attacked the house," Katona continued. "They broke every window in the house, threw percussion grenades in, everything else. It was just me and my wife there fearing for our lives."

Katona is reported to be a national leader in the Pagan Motorcycle Club. He previously served time in federal prison after pleading guilty to helping organize a violent attack on rival gang Hell's Angels in 2002 in New York.

On Thursday, he told reporters the Pagans are not a violent group.

"I've been in it all my life," Katona said. "We do charity runs. The last run I did, unfortunately the child passed away after three heart operations and that's basically [what] our organization's involved in – is helping out people with cancer, like myself, I have leukemia and so on amongst other health issues."

Defense attorney Bill McCabe expressed frustration that the search warrant used to gain entry into Katona's home last week remains sealed.

He also asked the judge to reduce Katona's bond from $750,000 down to $100,000 so that Katona could return to work.

That motion was denied.

"I think Mr. Katona will appear in the future for court appearances and I think the bond could have been lowered and he could have posted property and would have been sufficient security, but this judge didn't agree and we have to respect that decision," McCabe said.


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