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AccuWeather Celebrates 50 Years Of Forecasting

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - You've heard AccuWeather on KDKA for years, but did you know it all started at Penn State 50 years ago by a grad student who turned it into the world's largest commercial weather service?

KDKA-AM's Larry and John talked to Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder of AccuWeather, about the anniversary and how it all got started.

"By the time I was a 11, I had a dream to merge my burning desire to be a weather forecaster and entrepreneurial nature," says Dr Myers. "I developed AccuWeather as a graduate student at Penn State while I was teaching and doing research."

Dr. Myers says his company, one of the first privatized weather services, finds success because they are accurate and give actionable forecasts. They also pride themselves on implementing the latest technology to forecast and distribute their reports.

"There's never been a period of change faster than now," he said. "There are three great inventions that revolutionized human change. One was the Guttenberg Press, the second the Internet and the third was the mobile (phone). Two of the three were implemented in the past 20 years. Luckily we've seen that and made partnerships with the companies that are on he forefront of that revolution."

Congratulations AccuWeather, and here's to many more years of forecasting!

Dr. Joel Myers

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