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AAA Warning Drivers To Not Drive Hungover On New Year's Day

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Everyone talks about safe driving on New Year's Eve but what about New Year's Day?

Safety experts at AAA are reminding motorists that a hangover may last longer than most people think.

According to AAA, most people don't realize they're actually still drunk following a night of partying and it takes between 1-2 hours for the human body to fully process just one alcoholic drink.

Even though drivers may not feel drunk on New Year's Day, they still are likely tired and disoriented, possibly still with alcohol in their system.

"A hangover can come with a variety of other things such as headaches, mental fogginess, dizziness, a variety of things that we wouldn't want anybody driving with even if they say they weren't drinking," said Jim Garrity, AAA East Central spokesperson. "Even if they were sober and dizzy, we wouldn't you behind the wheel."

Experts say the only way to truly stay safe is to have a designated driver, arrange for a ride home, or don't drink at all.

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