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Zeoli Show Log 03.15.16

3pm- Chris Christie decided to skip an NJ Troopers funeral, deciding to campaign for Donald Trump in Florida instead.

3:15pm- Donald Trump mocked Chris Christie and John Kasich for being absentee Governors.

3:30pm- Barack Obama has criticized the Republican Presidential Nominees for using divisive language during the campaign.

3:45pm- The latest polls show a tight race between John Kasich and Donald Trump in tonight's winner take all primary.

3:50pm- Donald Trump criticizes John Kasich for watching The Golf Channel.

4pm- There are major flaws in Mayor Kenney's Soda Tax plan.

4:30pm- Danny DeVito endorses Bernie Sanders.

4:50pm- Breitbart employees resign.

5pm- Will Marco Rubio be embarrassed in Florida's winner take all primary?

5:15pm- Hillary Clinton brags about putting coal companies and coal miners out of business.

5:20pm- Hillary Clinton claims no American's were killed in Libya. 

6pm- Estimates say that Donald Trump received $400 million in free earned media last month. 

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