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Zeoli Show Log 01.07.16

3pm - Questions About Ted Cruz's Eligibility Are Legitimate

3:20pm - Powerball jackpot will be biggest ever in US, officials say

3:25pm - Trump crowd swells as he tweets about speech

3:30pm - Obama White House misfires on gun control and mental illness

4pm - Rubio's boot choice draws curiosity, jabs from Republican rivals

4:15pm - Can politicians change their views on issues?

4:30pm - Mary Catherine Roper, Deputy Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania discussed the Mummers parade.

4:40pm - Donald Trump tweets

4:50pm - Rand Paul Tells 'The View' Why Semi-Auto Guns Should Be Legal

5:20pm - Central High School student Michael Moroz discussed the injustice he faced after his opinion piece appeared in the high school paper.

5:30pm - Ask The Doctor: Dr. Mazz discussed Obama's Gun Control Plan from a health perspective.

5:50pm - Trump Blasts Bill And Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner And Bill Cosby In One Ad 



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