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Top Books About Philadelphia

These are the top five books about Philadelphia that will entertain, inform and inspire readers to fall in love with this great city all over again.
"The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study"
by W.E.B. DuBois

W.E.B. DuBois is one of the most notable and prolific African American writers of all time. He has written profound and historical works people everywhere still read today. He also wrote about Philadelphia in a book that has been published several times: once in 1899 and twice in 1967. "The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study" provides insight into the lives African Americans living in urban areas in the city. There was also a special section that was published with the book by Isabel Eaton, entitled "Special Report on Negro Domestic Service In the Seventh Ward, Philadelphia."

"Italians of Philadelphia"
by Donna J. Di Giacomo

Italians in Philadelphia have made a long-lasting impression on the city. Any Philadelphian knows the Italian Market is the place to shop for meat and other intriguing finds in the city. The life of Italians in Philadelphia has not always been so grand, as they faced discrimination and hardships that forced them to band together and create their own unique landmark here.

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"More Philadelphia Murals And the Stories They Tell"
by Jack Ramsdale, David Graham, and Natalie Pompilio

Art in Philadelphia is one of the top reasons why visitors enjoy touring the city. Philadelphia is full of museums, galleries, theater performances, concerts, designers and fine artists. Mural arts are another huge attraction that the city offers residents and tourists, and this book is full of colorful artistic creations and the reasons behind the creations of those murals.

"Historic Architecture in West Philadelphia, 1789-1930s"
by Josephi Minardi

It's impossible to miss the intricacy and strength in the architecture of this city. In 2011, Josephi Minardi published a beautiful book on the architecture in West Philadelphia. This book promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats as it reveals the historical architecture that is easily accessible within the city. This is the perfect book for tourists and residents alike who want to discover the gems of West Philly.

"The Great Philadelphia Fan Book"
by Glenn Macnow and Anthony L. Gargano

This is a fantastic book full of sports info. Published in 2003, you should be sure to keep this one on the coffee table during basketball, football, baseball, or hockey games, as it is jam packed with nothing but Philly sports. Perfect for any athletics lover, expect guests to ooh and ah at each tidbit of history that brought Philly's iconic sports teams to the forefront and inspired an entire culture here in Pennsylvania.

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