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Thousands Race Through Heart Of Philly For Broad Street Run

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The 35th annual Broad Street Run came and went Sunday as 40,000 people laced up their running shoes and took the ten-mile journey from North Philadelphia to the Navy Yard.

32-year-old Mourad Marofit finished in 47 minutes and seven seconds, way ahead of the tens of thousands of runners behind him.

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But once all the elite runners were done, it was all about people like Erica.

"I just wanted to finish and I did," she said.

To her, and to many, it was about a sense of accomplishment and pride in getting the job done -- the medal around the neck serving as a badge of honor. Like with Paul from Havertown who wanted to see if he still had it in him:

"It's a challenge to see if you can still do it the following year. When you knock into that fourth decade that's when the challenge gets stronger. Came in, a little under eight minute miles."

Ben from South Philadelhpia, in his 3rd run, says he fell just short of where he wanted to be, but the cheering crowds and running through a city he loves made it all worth it:

"It was a beautiful day and, at this point, I'm more doing it for the experience and for the sense of community you get doing it."

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