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The Dom Giordano Show: State Senator Anthony Williams & Neal Zoren | July 7

9:00-President Trump and President Putin meet for the first time. 

9:10-Charles Krauthammer praises President Trump's speech in Poland.

9:20-Protesters yesterday "occupy" GOP Senator's offices on National Day of Protest on health care.

9:25-Senator Toomey didn't expect Donald Trump to win.

9:35-Improving the police career benefits. 

10:00-State Senator Anthony Williams joined discussing the upcoming the soda tax hearing and arming teachers in schools.

10:10-Congress banning sleeveless shirts/dresses banned in Congress. 

10:45-Neal Zoren with what's on TV.

11:00-Alejandro Bedoya of the Union gets in a twitter battle with Tucker Carlson. 

11:35-Game of the week.

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