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Stigall Show Log 7.20.15

6:05 Donald Trump attacked John McCain's military status as a POW.

6:40 A man was found dead in Demi Moore's pool over the weekend.

6:48 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed the allegations against Bill Cosby.

6:51 Cosby, in a recently released deposition, admitted using drugs to coerce women into sexual acts.

7:00 Chris talks with Colin Hanna and Jason Springer on the Monday Morning Matchup about Donald Trump's attack on John McCain and the Iranian nuclear deal.

7:20 NBC asked if the military should be armed while on military bases?

7:36 Supporters of Hillary Clinton at a campaign event were prohibited for talking to the media.

8:00 Chris talks with Beasley Reece about this weekend in sports.

8:20 Donald Trump has an editorial in USA Today this morning defending his attacks on John McCain.

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