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Rich Zeoli Talks To Ben Davis To Preview Phillies Season

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Rich Zeoli talked to former Major League catcher and the newest member of the Phillies Broadcast team, Ben Davis, on Talk Radio 1210 to preview the 2015 season as they prepare to come north from Spring Training.


Davis said that despite predictions the team is in for a down year, he is not ready to give up on them already.

"It might a terrible year. It might be a so-so year. It might an above average year. You don't know. Does it look that way? No, it doesn't look that promising but it's baseball. You get to play everyday. I am the eternal optimist. Until that ball is rolled out there and the final pitch is thrown at the end of the season, you just don't know."

He said if the Phillies are forced to trade all-star pitcher Cole Hamels, they are in a position to receive significant pieces in return.

"Ruben Amaro is in the drivers seat in the fact that if a contending ball club, one of the big guns goes down, Ruben Amaro has the cards to play. He's got to get the deal that he wants. I'm not saying prospects, A Ball prospects, guys that were drafted last [year]. I'm saying Major League ready prospects, guys that can come in and be productive at the Major League level."

Davis said Manager Ryne Sandberg needs to find a backup for Chase Utley to keep him well rested and healthy as he enters the final years of his career.

"If they can find somebody to spell Chase Utley, maybe the day before an off day, give him two straight days off. That's going to be a lot more productive for him and for the ball club later on the season to keep those legs fresh, to keep his swing short and sweet. People get older. Things slow down. It's a fact of life."





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