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Report: Kids In Philadelphia Are Some Of The Hardest Working When It Comes To Chores

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mow the lawn, clean up your room, put away your toys…when it comes to chores, Philadelphia apparently has some of the hardest-working kids in the country., an app that tries to make chores fun for families, says it analyzed over seven million completed jobs to figure out which U.S. cities have hard-working children.

While kids from Los Angeles completed the most chores, Philadelphia came in eighth place, just behind Dallas-Fort Worth and ahead of Portland.

So, where are the slackers located? According to ChoreMonster, children in Mobile, Alabama and Memphis, Tennessee were the worst at doing their chores.

In fact, Southern cities overall seemed to have more idle hands.

And while ChoreMonster says 77% of kids across the country complete more than one chore weekly, just 2.5% tackle a task each day. While Mondays were the most productive, ChoreMonster says Friday is a lazy day.

"Don't even think about asking kids to be taskmasters on Friday, as it's the worst day for productivity," a press release from the company proclaims.

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