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Report: Dez Bryant Video 'Five Times Worse Than Ray Rice' To Be Released

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- A storm is brewing circulating around Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant that could have his NFL career in jeopardy.

Reports are there is an incriminating video of Dez Bryant, which could be released as soon as Wednesday. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio talked about the video last week on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

"It's one of the, I guess I would say best kept secrets in the media, because no one has reported it yet," Florio said. "But there is a story that all of the major insiders know about, that we've known about for months. It involves a videotape and I don't know that it exists. I know people have been trying desperately to get it. I know the Cowboys are aware it and because of that and possibly other reasons, the Cowboys have been very reluctant to commit major money to him."

According to, the video of Bryant will be released sometime on Wednesday.

"We're being told the Cowboys have warned Dez the tape is going to be released, and from someone who has seen it, that it's five times worse than the Ray Rice Video," the report states. "His football career is in jeopardy according to our source. Also a Dez insider tells us he is being brainwashed by Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports."

The Cowboys have claimed no such video exists, while they continue to decide if they want to sign Bryan to a long-term deal or use the franchise tag on the All-Pro receiver.

Mike Florio on 105.3 The Fan:

Furthermore, ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter appeared on the Carmen and Jurko show on ESPN 100 in Chicago said of the Bryant video that he has been working on it since September.

"Is it criminal?" Schefter was asked.

"Like I said, I've been working on it since September."

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