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PSPCA Rescues 100 Animals From Lancaster County House Thanks To Tip From Good Samaritan

QUARYVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- An animal cruelty investigation is underway after 100 animals were found living in deplorable conditions at a house on Pumping Station Road in Quarryville, Lancaster County. The Pennsylvania SPCA stepped in after a tip from a good samaritan.

"They were living in filthy conditions, both inside the property as well as where some of the farm animals were kept outside," Gillian Kocher, Pennsylvania SPCA Director of Media Relations, said. "So, that can mean things like living in their own excrement, not being cleaned."

The Pennsylvania SPCA's law enforcement officers, acting on a tip, raided the house Friday, rescuing 11 dogs, 27 cats, five horses, four sheep, one goat, two turkeys, 32 chicks, six hens, four guinea hens and eight baby ducks.

A dog was found with matted fur, which had to be shaved. Another dog had to go to the hospital for treatment.

"This one's a little bit different than some of the more recent rescues in Lancaster County because, of course, of its large-scale nature," Kocher said. "We often are rescuing animals one at a time, 10 at a time. But 100 at a time is a lot."

Some of the animals went to Pennsylvania SPCA's Danville center, but most were taken to the agency's headquarters in North Philadelphia, where they are now in recovery.

A veterinary team will conduct a forensic medical exam on each animal.

The results of those assessments will determine whether the owner of the animals will face summary, misdemeanor or felony charges.

"Had a good samaritan not called us, who knows what would have happened to those 100 animals," Kocher said. "Now they're here in our care and will have a bright future with forever families."

The chicks, guinea hens and ducks will soon be taken to a rescue in Bucks County.

As far as the dogs and cats, they are expected to be available for adoption in the next few days.

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