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Pregnant Mother, Unborn Baby Die After Gloucester County Car Accident

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) - Twenty-eight-year-old Toni Bolis of Washington Township was days away from delivering her second child, according to her sisters Annette and Angela Donato.

Sadly, the happily married mother of a two-year-old girl was killed in a crash in Washington Township Wednesday night. Doctors were unable to save her baby whose sex was going to be a surprise.

"He was a boy," said Angela.

Police say Toni was headed east on Pitman Downer Road when 21-year-old Daniel Pereira of Glassboro, coming the opposite way, crossed lanes and crashed head on into Toni's car. Toni's sisters say she was on the phone hands free with her mother at the time of the crash and urged her to get to the scene.

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"She was saying she was going to lose the baby," said Angela.

Her sisters and mother arrived in minutes but Toni was unconscious. Angela says she talked to Pereira, the other driver, about the accident.

"He had told me he looked at his cell phone or GPS and he crashed," said Angela.

The sisters say they are speaking out to warn other drivers of distracted driving, what they believe caused the crash.

"Your hands should be on the wheel. She would still be here, her baby boy, Ryan, could still be here," said Annette of her sister and soon-to-be nephew.

Police are recreating the accident and have not determined an official cause. No charges have been filed. Pereira is in stable condition.

Reported by Robin Rieger, CBS 3

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