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Poll Hints That Christie As VP Would Help Romney In New Jersey, But Just A Little

By David Madden

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) -- Governor Chris Christie continues to fare well in the latest New Jersey poll of voters, but Republicans looking for him to join Mitt Romney on a potential presidential ticket might not be pleased with the results of a new Quinnipiac survey.

Christie's approval number, 55 percent, remains close to his all-time high. And his proposed income tax cut has voters siding 55-31 in favor of its "fairness" to them.

But Christie has been talking down any possible vice-presidential spot on a Romney-led ticket, and Quinnipiac University poll director Mickey Carroll suggests that's a good thing.

On a head-to-head matchup in New Jersey between Romney and President Obama, Carroll says, "the numbers are Obama 49, Romney 39.  You put Christie in (as VP) and it cuts the gap down to 49-43."

Romney fares the best of all the Republicans still in the hunt.  President Obama outpolls Rick Santorum 52-34, and Newt Gingrich 55-30.



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