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Philly's Historical Sites Back Open Following Government Shutdown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The three-day government shutdown is over thanks to a temporary spending bill, and that means people can once again visit some of Philadelphia's historical sites.

For Emer, from Port Richmond, the partial shutdown put a dent in his weekly routine, but when the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall opened back up Tuesday, he was on Independence Mall early, to once again get a look at history.

"It's a great feeling. Any of my days off I tend to come up here speak with the park rangers and learn a little bit of history and just enrich myself," said Emer.

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Emer says the shutdown of historical landmarks hurts a lot more people than one might think.

"It is important to some of us. I think a lot of people overlook it. It's something you don't want to forget, the heritage of our country because you're not going to see where our country is going," he said.

Emer and other tourists visiting the Liberty Bell and other historical landmarks in Philly say they hope politicians on both sides can work out a long-term deal, to keep another partial shutdown from happening anytime soon.

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