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Philly GOP: Trump Campaign Stops In Philadelphia Boosted Turnout

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Joe DeFelice, the Chairman of the Philadelphia GOP, assessed Donald Trump's voter turnout in Philadelphia, telling Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, that the effort and amount of time their party's nominee dedicated to the city definitely contributed to him turning the tide in Pennsylvania.


"In 2012, Romney never came here. In 2008, McCain once. This past election, we had Ivanka, we had 650 people on 24 hours notice for Ivanka Trump. We had 100 people on 24 hours notice on Wednesday, mid-afternoon for Tiffany Trump. His family has been here. He spent time here. We opened campaign offices in North Philadelphia and up in Germantown. The idea is he's already spent time here, plus he's an urban guy. He went to school here."

He also stated that Donald Trump's electorate in Philadelphia looked far different that what Republicans have traditionally expected.

"We probably lost 15 to 20,000 Republican voters, the ones that live in Center City and the 5th ward and 8th ward or...a little further up in Chestnut Hill that refused to vote for Donald Trump...You notice the trend. We do significantly worse in Center City and Chestnut Hill, but we win three wards. We win the 66th Ward. We win the 58th Ward. We win the 26th Ward. That significantly increased all throughout the North East, the river wards and the rest of South Philly, like my ward, in Mayfair, we lost by 200. I think we lost by several thousand four years ago. On the flip side, Hillary Clinton dropped 30,000 of what Obama got."

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