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Original Phillie Phanatic To Return After Phillies Reach Settlement With Creators

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- What's old is new again. After two years of rocking a slightly new look, the Phillie Phanatic will go back to his original design.

The Phillies were in a copyright dispute with the original creators, but they have reached a settlement.

"Oh, I think it's awesome," Phillies fan Rob Pritchard said. "It is good that he is going to be back."

The original Phillie Phanatic is making his return to Citizen Bank Park.

"I am hoping that it will speed up the end of COVID because when they mess with the Phanatic, the world fell apart," another fan said.

Back in 2020, the Phanatic underwent a makeover due to a legal dispute between the Phillies and the mascot's co-creators.

The new Phanatic had feathers rather than fur-colored arms, stars outlining the eyes, a larger backside, a powder blue tail, blue socks with red shoes, plus scales under the arms.

While his new look didn't thrill fans, others say they love him either way.

"We could definitely notice some of the differences, but it's the Phanatic still," Matt Caverow said. "The best mascot in baseball."

Following the legal dispute that's finally settled, Phillies executive vice president David Buck said the team is welcoming him back with open arms.

"We are so proud of the 44-year history of the Phanatic and what the character means to the organization, to the City of Philadelphia and to Phillies fans everywhere," Buck said.

His creators say they are happy to reach a fair agreement saying, "Ever since we created the Phanatic in 1978, Philadelphia has been his home. We are thrilled to see the original Phanatic back where he should be, in Philadelphia, for the fans of the Phillies."

The Phanatic issued his own fake press release with his own fake PR firm from the Galapagos Islands and a business partner named Iggy T.L. Iguana saying short but strong words: "I'm back."

Fans that Eyewitness News spoke with say the Phanatic makes each game unforgettable.

One young fan video proves it.

"Three years ago, he brought me on the dugout and I danced with him," the young Phillies fan said.

Fans are looking forward to when he reintroduces himself on the diamond.

"He brings a smile to everyone's face every time you are there with him," a fan said.

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