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Philadelphia, Temple U. Officials Want Assigned Spaces For Food Truck Vendors

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - City officials are moving ahead with a plan developed by Temple University to assign specific locations to the many food trucks and vendors who feed thousands of Temple students each day.

City Council President Darrell Clarke -- whose district includes Temple University and its surrounding neighborhood -- understands that students appreciate food trucks for quick and affordable meals. But he says the growing number of vendors has caused problems on the sidewalks and streets:

"It's an industry that's obviously growing. But the proliferation of them has caused some problems both for pedestrian and vehicular (traffic). So we want to some sense of organization for that particular location."

So Clarke has introduced a plan developed by Temple University to assign specific spaces to specific vendors:

"Its pretty much driven by the University. And we're in support of what they're attempting to do, to make sure that the opportunities exist to vend, but its done in an organized structured way."

The area involved runs from 10th Street to 16th Street east to west and Diamond to Oxford Streets north to south. The plan would allow for a maximum of 50 food trucks or sidewalk vendors within those boundaries, and the locations would be assigned by city and University officials.

The plan will be debated in City Council committee. Clarke hopes for approval before Council's summer recess, so that it would be operational by the time students return to classes in the fall.

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