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Philadelphia Man Sues Hooters Over Racial Slur On Receipt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia man is suing the Hooters restaurant chain after he says an employee used a racial slur on a receipt to identify him and his girlfriend.

The incident happened in early July at the Hooters restaurant in Queens, New York.

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Kisuk Cha says he and his girlfriend went to the restaurant in Queens and ordered wings and buffalo shrimp to go.

However, Cha says when he was handed the receipt, he saw something on there that completely shocked him. Cha says in the space that is normally reserved for the customer's name, the cashier had typed "Chinx." Cha and his girlfriend are Korean-Americans.

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Cha says he went home and was sick to his stomach about the incident and eventually contacted a lawyer.

"This wasn't something I would expect to be U.S. citizen. Honestly, I am really, extremely offended by this incident and I hope that this kind of incident never happens again," Cha told Eyewitness News.

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Hooters has not responded to the lawsuit, but they say the employee who allegedly wrote the racial slur has since resigned.

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