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Phila. Councilwoman Wants Voters To Make Mayor's LGBT Office Permanent

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia City Council will consider asking voters to revise the city charter so that the Office of LGBT Affairs, created by Mayor Nutter, becomes a permanent part of city government.

Nutter created the Office of LGBT Affairs during his first year in office, 2008.   Now that Nutter is in his last year, councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown fears that another mayor could eliminate the office.

"It could fall prey to the whims and or lack of interest of a future mayor," she says.

So, Reynolds Brown is pushing for a ballot referendum, asking voters to change the city charter and make the LGBT office permanent.

"It's a ripe opportunity to make it plain and make it clear that we are, a, a city that's diverse and, b, we celebrate the LGBT community for all the contributions that they make."

If approved by City Council, the question would go to voters on the November general election ballot.

This is the second such charter change proposal from Reynolds Brown, who is seeking re-election.  She also wants to revive and make permanent the long-dormant commission on women's issues.



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