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Officials: Mild Weather Shouldn't Impact Flu Outbreak

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The temperatures are mild and climbing -- and this is flu season. So, will we be suffering more or less because of the weather?

Flu activity is sporadic across Pennsylvania, according to the state health department, even with the beautiful weather. Dr. Young Kim, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Paoli Hospital, expects this to be an average year.

"We are seeing some flu. It's very few cases," Dr. Kim says. "I don't expect it's going to be unusually mild or unusually severe based upon what we're seeing so far. This seems to parallel the data that's coming from the CDC."

He says there's no scientific data that proves warm winters or frigid temperatures affect the flu season in any way. Temperatures at the same time last year were at least 10-degrees colder and the outbreak was no different.

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