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New Tour In Philadelphia This Halloween Season Mixes History With Ghost Stories

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new tour in Philadelphia this Halloween season is mixing history with ghost stories.

The USS Olympia is Landmark historic ship docked at Penn's Landing. It was commissioned in 1895 and served in two wars. Many say the ship is haunted with spirits of sailors lurking just about everywhere on board.

Josh Hitchens is a tour guide for the ghost tours on the USS Olympia. He says the warship is the perfect place to investigate the paranormal.

"Visitors have experienced paranormal activity. They have actually seen the apparition of a man, sort of a black shadow of a person, going along the wall and one occasion when someone saw this ghost they said it was faceless," Hitches said.

A portion of the proceeds of the ghost tours will go to help preserve the ship.

The tour runs on Friday and Saturday nights during the month of October.

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