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New Search Begins For Stolen Norman Rockwell Painting

by Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- 40 years ago, a Norman Rockwell painting was stolen from a Cherry Hill home. Now, the FBI and Cherry Hill Police are teaming up again, to see if they can track down this slice of Americana.

It's titled "Boy Asleep with Hoe," but also known as "Taking a Break" and "Lazybones." FBI Special Agent Jake Archer says it was insured for $15,000 in 1976.

"We're not quite sure of the exact condition of the painting right now, none the less, with the recent Rockwell auctions that have occurred, we can assume that if this is in good condition, it could be quite valuable," said Archer.

In 2013, Rockwell's "Saying Grace" sold for $46 million. Archer has some ideas about what might have happened to the stolen piece.

"Maybe the thief who did have it, died, passed it along to children who don't even know the true history of it. And they have it in their possession inadvertently," he said.

Archer says anyone with information about the painting can contact the FBI, or Cherry Hill Police, or the Rockwell Museum.

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