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Mark D'Amico sentenced to 5 years in state prison for role in massive GoFundMe scam

BURLINGTON COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) -- Mark D'Amico has been sentenced to five years in state prison for his role in a massive GoFundMe scam that received national attention. The Burlington County Prosector's Office says the time will be served concurrently with a 27-month Federal sentence.

This is all according to a plea agreement that was made when D'Amico pleaded guilty.


D'Amico's co-conspirator, Katie McClure, was set to be sentenced Friday, but her sentencing was postponed until next month.

McClure started a GoFundMe with D'Amico who was her boyfriend at the time. They made up a story about a homeless man helping pay for her gas after she was stranded on I-95.

People donated more than $400,000, which McClure and Mark D'Amico spent themselves.

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