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Local Woman Has Solution To 'Dry January' Alcohol Cleanse

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Taking a month off from booze after the holidays is getting more popular.

Laura Taylor, who lives in Malvern, Pennsylvania created Mingle mocktails, or alcohol-free cocktails after she decided to stop drinking alcohol four years ago.

"I felt like a fish out of water cause I was stuck with seltzer or soda water and came up with this idea to have sophisticated mocktails for people like me who want to feel a part of the party," said Taylor. "I just came up with it in my kitchen as something I wanted to drink."

Jerry Gerth tried one called the "Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini."

It's very crisp and light and smooth definitely powerful taste.

All of the effervescent drinks contain a variety of natural fruit extracts, organic cane sugar and they're carbonated to be lightly sparkling.

A mojito without the rum contains melon, mint and lime.

And there's a vodka-free Moscow Mule made with spicy ginger and lime.

"You can have it alone or if you have guests or want a drink, you can have a skinny cocktail you simply add to spirits," Taylor says.

She's hoping for a sales bump during "Dry January," where an increased number of people lay off the booze.

After the holidays of eating and drinking and fun and parties people just take a break from booze kinda to do a cleanse to start the New Year.

And Laura says they're low calorie-- the entire bottle contains 120 calories.

There are four different kinds of mocktails, the bottles cost $9 each and can be purchased on Amazon and in some local grocery stores.

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