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Local Diner, Locale For Oscar-Nominated Film, Gets Its Spotlight Moment

By John McDevitt

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) -- A current movie that was filmed in the Philadelphia area was today nominated for several Oscar awards (see related story).

But even before that, business was booming at the Upper Darby diner where a couple of scenes of Silver Linings Playbook were shot.

(Bradley Cooper:)  "So, you want to have dinner at this diner?"

(Jennifer Lawrence:)  "Pick me up at 7:30."

That diner is the Llanerch, in Upper Darby, where outdoor and indoor scenes were filmed for Silver Linings Playbook back in October of 2011.

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Waitress Roula Kosmatos (below) was there for the entire 26 hours the film crew was on location.  She says she was amazed at how many takes it took just to shoot one scene.

"And Jennifer Lawrence got mad at something that Bradley Cooper said and threw water," she recalled today.  "And that was my favorite because they had to keep reshooting.  Dry him off.  Wet him up again.  Dry him off.  It was so good."

llanerch Kosmatos_Roula _mcdev
(Roula Kosmatos, a waitress at the Llanerch Diner, notes that prices on the genuine menu, left, are lower than prices on the "prop" menu used in the movie, right. Credit: John McDevitt)


Since then, customers have been known to wait for the booth now named the "Bradley Cooper booth" (below).

llanerch cooper booth _mcdev
(Customers at the Llanerch Diner enjoy what has come to be known as the "Bradley Cooper booth." Credit: John McDevitt)


And regulars are thrilled that their local diner is in the spotlight.

"It has real big names in it, and it's an Oscar nominated movie, which is an amazing honor," said one, "so to have something like this right down the road is a pretty cool thing."

A black-tie Oscars party is being planed at the diner next month.

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