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Eagles-Chiefs: Montco great-grandfather wins Super Bowl LVII tickets

91-year-old Montco great-grandfather gets attention from NFL, Eagles
91-year-old Montco great-grandfather gets attention from NFL, Eagles 02:16

LAFAYETTE HILL, Pa. (CBS) -- Going to the Super Bowl is a dream come true for 91-year-old Jim Scott. 

"It was absolutely unbelievable," Scott said. "This whole story has been unbelievable."

This Lafayette Hill great-grandfather won two tickets from the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of the season. His daughter, Maryland Haig, is tagging along. 

"The excitement level between a one and a 10 is probably about a 50," Haig said. 


Scott fell in love with the Birds not long after moving to Montgomery County from Pittsburgh in 1962. The rest, well, it's history. 

Jim says the connection was instant. 

"Immediately upon coming to Philadelphia, we became Eagles fans. The whole family," he said. 

But to understand how Scott got to this point we need to go back in time a little. Back when he was just 12 days old and was left abandoned on a doorstep.

"I had such a fantastic childhood," Scott said. "I didn't know I was adopted until I was 20."


Years later and with the help of his children, the Montgomery County transplant searched for his biological family. In 2016, he even penned a letter detailing his biggest Christmas wish that was published in a Pittsburgh newspaper.

Shortly thereafter, and a special thanks to Haig, an Ancestry match began the start of his newfound family. 

Over six-plus years later, Scott found his brother Felix, or "Fe" as he calls him, his mother and father and learned he had 14 siblings.

"It was an immediate connection," Scott said. "It was like I knew them my entire life."

Haig says her father is the epitome of a family man. 

"My dad has always stressed the importance of family," Haig said. "Now that we found these newfound family members, I just feel so lucky."


This past year, Scott's story caught the attention of the NFL and eventually the Eagles after it was published. That's how Scott and Haig got to go to the Eagles and Giants showdown at the Linc in January 2023.

"I thought to myself, why me? I'm not exceptional in any way," Scott said. "So, so thankful and so appreciative. It means a lot to me and of course I've been telling the entire world what's been going on!"

Every week, Scott talks with all his new siblings. For him, family and football run parallel. The Super Bowl will be no different.

"Fe anyway wanted me to take him. Tell Maryland to forget it," Scott jokes.

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