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Former Eagles Head Coach Dick Vermeil Believes Lack Of Supporting Cast To Blame For Carson Wentz's Struggles

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There is no "I" in "team," but there is in "millions." And right now, the Eagles are paying quarterback Carson Wentz $100 million to be a backup.

How can they possibly live with that situation?

Some people who watched the Eagles on Sunday may have thought hey let's just get rid of Carson Wentz!

Well. It's simply not that easy.

"That position needs more support than anyone else on the football field," said former head coach Dick Vermeil.

The Super Bowl winner believes Carson Wentz still has it. He blames a lack of supporting cast for the quarterback's struggles.

Whether you agree or disagree, Vermeil wants to see both Wentz and Jalen Hurts back next year.

"Just play. Play and come back next year and compete. They're not going to run Carson Wentz out of town I don't think he's going to pout. I don't think he's going to cry. I don't think he's that kind of personality," he said.

"They have made a massive organizational investment in the player. I've heard a sunk cost. This is way more than a sunk cost," said Andrew Brandt, former Vice President of Player Finance for the Green Bay Packers.

Translation: he negotiated all of their player contracts.

Now the Villanova professor says there's no chance the Birds will cut Wentz. Not only would they still have roster holes to fill but it would cost them a third of the entire projected $176 million salary cap next year.

"If they traded Carson Wentz, they'd have a $34 million cap number for someone playing on another team. Then maybe $10 million for a backup. So, you have $45 million of potential cap behind your starting quarterback. Untenable," Brandt said.

So what about a restructure?

That won't help the eagles either, Brandt says any restructure would only help the team Wentz is traded to.

So, the Eagles and Carson Wentz are financially married to each long for the long haul.


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