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Forget Scrapple: There's Beef Over Competing Pork Roll Fests In NJ

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A beef between organizers of two competing pork roll festivals in New Jersey's capital city has turned into a food fight.

"Trenton Pork Roll Festival 2015" organizer TC Nelson received a cease-and-desist letter from a lawyer for "Official 2nd Annual Pork Roll Festival" organizer Scott Miller.

The men ran the city's first festival last year, which drew 4,000 people to celebrate the pork-based processed meat that was developed in the city and is also known as Taylor Ham. But they went their separate ways this year because of a disagreement over money and how it was organized.

Nelson said it is ridiculous that Miller wants him to license the idea of having a festival.

In an emailed statement, Miller's lawyer, George Benaur, said, "As stated in our letter, Pork Roll Productions LLC remains open to discussing options for resolution, so long as they are constructive and made in good faith."

Pork roll is popular in New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland, often as a breakfast meat paired with egg and cheese in a sandwich.

History claims it was developed in 1856 in Trenton by John Taylor. The state is often divided over brands made by Taylor Provisions of Trenton and crosstown rival Case Pork Roll.

The festivals are scheduled for May 23, along with The Trenton Vegan Pork Roll festival.

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