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First Note Is Always The Hardest Part, Says Philadelphia Music Entrepreneur

Graham Alexander is a musician, composer and entrepreneur who started off his business like many musicians - by forming his band of nearly 15 years. Their commitment to touring and their history at such a young age led to Graham Alexander & Co. In 2008 Graham formed LAIR Media as a parent company for the ventures of the touring production, as well as the administration of his own publishing rights. Through LAIR, he eventually formed a recording division which established studios in NJ for commercial recording production.

(Photo Courtesy of Graham Alexander)

After acquiring many former long sold brands from GE's casted-off RCA portfolio, Graham reorganized Radio Corporation of America as their parent company returning it to Camden, NJ. In 2014, Graham merged his production and administration facilities while developing products for the company's Victor Talking Machine Co., Victrola, His Master's Voice, and Little Nipper brands.

What sort of education is needed to secure a good job in business management?

"My formal business education extends to absolutely loving great music, composition, and production of product and then finding a way to make those things come together in the marketplace which isn't as crowded as you'd think."

What is the most challenging aspect of being a business manager?

"Starting! I would say starting is the hardest part - it is an incredibly daunting idea to manage the collective data of every aspect of a business and if you love the business you are in - it's an emotional attachment as well."

After graduation, how hard was it to transition to the actual working world?

"I was doing sound design, production, and performance full-time. I followed what I loved to do and looked for things that related to it. I always thought outside the box of one interest - but not outside its general scope. I loved music ...but that didn't end at playing it, writing it, singing it... I wanted to do anything and everything in entertainment."

What advice would you give someone who is pursuing a career in this field?

"Make sure you love it - take risks and when possible invest in yourself and in a business. Additionally - remember that no business started off without some kind of support. I don't care if it's a $300 loan from your grandmother - or you have to work to make that $300 at Sally's 8th birthday party singing songs you might not like keep in mind the goal of the business you are seeking to establish or grow and try to never feel 'too tired' or like there is something that is 'too complex' - most of the time most of everything that seems too complicated is quite imaginary."

Christina Thompson is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia. Her work can be found at

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