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Fate Of Woman Accused Of Burning Down Police Officer's Home Now In Jury's Hands

LOWER POTTSGROVE, Pa. (CBS) -- The fate of a Montgomery County  woman who is accused of burning down the home of a police officer who lived next door is now in the hands of a jury, following closing arguments this morning.

Fifty-two-year-old Donna Krupp's defense attorney, John Fioravanti argues Krupp was in bed with her husband when this fire started. He says there is no identifying features in a video of the fire being lit. And he says the prosecution's attempt to build a motive is just a distraction.

He says, "This is not a closed case, this is a reasonable doubt case."

But prosecutor Chris Daniels says the motive, what he says was Krupp's well known hatred of her neighbor, Detective Ernie Morris, isn't a distraction, but instead is real. He says the motive, testimony from multiple people saying Krupp blamed Morris for her son's legal problem, and the images in the video all points to one place. All of it, he said as he pointed to the defendant.

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