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Fans Sad, But Not Surprised By Manuel's Firing

By Tim Jimenez, Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Charlie Manuel was a favorite of many Phillies fans, including some who were watching the announcement that he has been fired (see related story) at a Center City sports bar.

For many fans, with the team's struggles this season and last, it seemed inevitable that Charlie's time was running out, especially with a certain move before the season.

"When they brought Sandberg up, you knew what was coming," Phillies fan Tom said.

Kathleen understands the change, but thought Charlie should have at least finished the year.

"He took us to the World Series, we won in 2008, went back and you know we did what we could, we had a great team and I think he was real well with the team and it's sad to see him go."

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And Tom from Mount Laurel said he'll miss Charlie, especially his West Virginia charm, but at the end of the day it comes down to one thing:

"If you win he stays, if you don't win, he doesn't stay. It's really that simple."

At Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies took the field for the first time since 2005 without Charlie Manuel at the helm.

From one fan a simple sign with an important message.

"He stuck with us and we'll stick with him. He's a good guy," said fan Lori Kennedy. "Thank you Charlie."

On Monday in Atlanta, Charlie Manuel earned his 1,000th career win as a manager. During Friday night's game the Phillies were planning to officially recognize the career achievement, but they indicate they will another night.

"I'm really sad for him. That's all," said one fan.

"Charlie was a really excellent manager for pretty much of all his tenure here," said fan Bill Bradley.

Ryne Sandberg has been named Phillies interim manager.

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