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Ed Rendell: Sanders Hypocritical For Reversal On Super Delegates

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell criticized Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for changing his stance on super delegates attending the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia later this Summer, by attempting to gain their support in an effort to topple his rival for the nomination, Hillary Clinton.

Rendell, while talking to Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, was stunned by Sanders sudden reversal.

"Now all of a sudden, his path to victory is the super delegates. He can't win the pledged delegates, but he's going to convince the super delegates. So after trashing super delegates for three months, now super delegates are his path to victory. A little hypocritical."

He said he expects Sanders may try to court favor with him and other Pennsylvania delegates, but does not think that will work.

"You treat everybody similarly and with respect. Bernie Sanders may show up at the Democratic cocktail party on April 11. If he shows up, Bob Brady and I have discussed it, I think if he wants to speak we should let him speak. We should say city committees endorsed Hillary Clinton but we appreciate what you've done. You've brought a lot of new voters into the polls. You've raised some very important issues. You railed against the Democratic establishment, but there are 3500 Democratic committeemen who work for the party and don't get a dime for it and we're party of the Democratic establishment Senator. So, you're happy to address us, but we're for Hillary."

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