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Ed Rendell: Bush Should Not Have Answered Question About Baby Hitler

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell faulted presidential candidate Jeb Bush for answering a question about going back in time to kill a baby Adolf Hitler and stated he thinks Ben Carson emerged as one of the winners from the latest Republican debate.

Rendell, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Bush did not come off well in answering such a ludicrous inquiry in the lead up to the debate.

"I thought that was a question he should've derided. He should've said that's typical of the ridiculous questions the media has been asking us. I'm not going to answer that because it's stupid."

However, he did think Bush performed decently in presidential debate, as did his nemesis, Donald Trump.

"I thought Jeb had his best performance, not a great performance, but his best performance, which may have calmed down some of his supporters. I thought that was a factor...I don't think anybody hurt themselves. I think Donald was a little friendlier. I think he's trying to work on his likability a little bit. He seemed more mature and more like a President. So, I think he probably  made a few points in the debate."

Overall, Rendell thinks Ben Carson was one of the big winners of the night, appearing calm under fire and solidifying support.

"I thought it was the best of the Republican debates. I thought the discussions were substantive. The questions were good, some hard hitting, but pretty fair. I thought the candidates, by and large, acquitted themselves the best. From a political standpoint, not debating points standpoint, I think the winner was a tie between Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Ben Carson won because he did a very good job of calming Carson voters who may have been a little upset about the allegations against him on the resume stuff. He was calm. He was likable as he always his. He was very strong about his honesty."

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