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Pork roll or Taylor ham? "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star Danny DeVito has the answer

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In Pennsylvania, it's Wawa vs. Sheetz. One state over, in New Jersey, it's pork roll or Taylor ham. Danny DeVito, the 77-year-old actor who plays Frank Reynolds on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," has the answer.

In a recent interview with WIRED posted on YouTube headlined "Danny DeVito Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions," DeVito declared it's Taylor ham.

"Taylor ham on a hard roll with some mustard and lettuce," DeVito said. "Oh man, I want one now."

Danny DeVito Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED by WIRED on YouTube

Pork roll was created by John Taylor in 1856. According to the website, its original name was "Taylor ham," but the name changed in 1906.

The website claims Taylor Provisions, the manufacturer of the food, the proper name is "Original Taylor Pork Roll."

People from South Jersey tend to call it pork roll, while north New Jerseyans lean Taylor ham.

In the interview, DeVito also describes his accent as "Jersey, very Jersey, South Jersey."

"I was born in, it's kind of like a Philly, Baltimore thingy, but it's Jersey. It's a little New York. My father is from Brooklyn," DeVito said, "so I got a little bit of that."

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