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Comedian Who Captured Viral Video Of Colleen Campbell: She 'Assaulted The Workers' While Being Ejected

Philadelphia (CBS) - Wil Sylvince, the comedian who captured the viral video of PHL 17 personality Colleen Campbell verbally abusing a Philadelphia police officer outside of Helium Comedy Club on Sunday, appeared on The Rich Zeoli Show on Talk 1210 WPHT and said she was physically abusive to the staff of the club while being escorted out.

"They came to her table three times and told her to hold it down three times, a total of five times they her to pipe it down. At that point, they take her out and she assaulted the workers there, shoving them and poking them in the eye and kicking them and they got her out. She was really calm to the cop when the cop came. She told the cop, hey, I called you, I'm doing this, something's wrong...they kicked me out because they claimed I was whispering and laughing."

Sylvince stated he only started recording the incident because she then started screaming at the police officer.

"As soon as the manager came out, she freaking went crazy. She started cursing the manager out. The cop told her, hey, listen, if they want you out, they want you out. It's their establishment. She started cursing the cop out. She cursed the cop out like crazy. At that point, I pulled my camera phone out because I thought she was about to drop the 'n-bomb.' She didn't."

Following the release of the video and her termination from PHL 17, Campbell claimed she may have been drugged, but Sylvince did not think she seemed impaired.

"It didn't look like she was that drunk. She didn't look like she was high at all. If you listen to her enunciation, she's not slurring. Her words are very clear. I've dealt with drunk people. I've dealt with people who are high and it didn't seem that she was either. Maybe slightly tipsy, if anything."

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