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CBS3 SummerFest: Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn Adds Unique Twist On Favorite Snack On Wildwood Boardwalk

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) -- Get ready to pass the popcorn down the Jersey Shore this summer. Caramel corn is always a sweet souvenir and what's better than a buttery bucket at the movies when catching a summer blockbuster?

But for one couple who spent summers vacationing at the shore, they're putting a unique twist on this favorite snack.

There's something new poppin' in town.

"We are a popcorn bakery, we make everything fresh on-site," Sabrina Legiec said. "We pop it here, we cook it here and then we serve it fresh."

Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn has set up shop on the famous Wildwood boardwalk.

After opening their first franchise location in New Hope, Pennsylvania, husband and wife team Daniel and Sabrina Legiec went searching for a perfect second spot.

"When we knew that we wanted to bring the caramel corn to Jersey Shore, we were like Wildwood," Sabrina said. "There was no question whether or not where we were going. We knew right away we were going to come here."

In addition to that classic caramel corn, you'll find no shortage of unique flavors to snack on.

From the savory …

… to the sweet.

And around here, taste testing is the real deal.

"We love seeing their expressions when they try different things because they're always so shocked that we have these flavors on popcorn," Sabrina said.

"It's fun," Daniel said. "Everyone loves popcorn and where do you get popcorn like this?"

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