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Catholic Association: Wikileaks Showed 'Preview Of What Clinton Administration Would Look Like For Catholics'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Ashley McGuire, a Senior Fellow at the Catholic Association. responded to the latest round of Wikileaks releases of Hillary Clinton's email where it's been revealed that staff routinely derided religious voters and organizations.

McGuire, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said the emails show that if elected President, Clinton would be biased against Catholics.

"You have everything from them mocking people for baptising their children where Jesus was baptised, which, actually in that case was a dig at Protestants to calling the Catholic Church a medieval dictatorship, to saying we were extremely backwards on gender relations. You have, in my opinion, a preview of what a Hillary Clinton administration would look like for Catholics."

She also accused the Clinton campaign of establishing phony front organizations to provide cover on religious issues.

"They had apparently funded and set up, sort of, fake Catholic groups intended to defend the Hillary Clinton campaign when it comes to Catholic issues...Groups they set up. They say in the emails, we set these groups up and their job was to defend our campaign on this, that and the other thing when Catholic voters were concerned about anything that they see from the Hillary Clinton administration."

McGuire stated the emails show Clinton has contempt for Christian voters.

"They've got this idea that unless you go along with their ideology, something's wrong with you. Hillary Clinton, herself, said that religious beliefs 'have to be changed.' So, in some sense, this is totally consistent with what we've seen from Hillary Clinton already when it comes to religious people. It's just this extraordinary disdain for faith voters and it's not just Catholics, it's Protestants too."

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