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Bucks Officials Awaiting Ballistics Test After Fatal Standoff in Warminster, Pa.

By Brad Segall

WARMINSTER, Pa. (CBS) -- Authorities in Bucks County, Pa. say it could be next week before they release more information on who fired the fatal shot that killed an 89-year-old woman during a police standoff with a resident of the "Jefferson on the Creek" apartment complex in Warminster earlier this week (see previous story).

Detectives finished processing the scene along Street Road on Wednesday night, and sources tell KYW Newsradio that police rifles and handguns and the handguns that belonged to alleged shooter Andrew Cairns, along with projectiles found at the scene, have been turned over to Montgomery County detective John Finor, who is a firearms expert.

cairns_andrew barricade scene _
(The scene where an 89-year-old woman was killed during a nearby police standoff. credit cbs

Cairns is charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and numerous other offenses, but prosecutors say a murder charge could be added depending on how the investigation falls out.

Marie Zienkewicz, who lived in the apartment below Cairns, was killed by a single bullet that entered her body through the right shoulder and exited through her chest.

Police recovered another slug about a half-mile away, inside a woman's house (see related story).

Cairns remains behind bars in lieu of $10 million bail.

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